Un-mined Narratives. Unique Perspectives.

Appalachia has helped fuel America’s growth for generations and we believe there’s something in the water. It’s why we’ve created Appalachia Boxed, to help fuel you as well.
From timber to mining to farming, the workforce has provided the US economy with the necessary resources to help propel our nation to who we are today. It has also protected our land through every major global conflict with its locals representing greater than the national percentage in every war theater since 1776. Yet, the narrative heard at the national level has not always been respectful and the region has not received its just due. We’re here to change this and help reframe the narrative of the region.

Every boxed water will tell a new story, an un-mined narrative and unique perspective of the region. 10% of proceeds will go to local nonprofit organizations to support economic development, education and veterans. Help Appalachia reclaim its narrative. Help you fuel your growth.